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There is just something about this breed of dog that is almost impossible to describe.  The love that they show us is so different than any other breed.  Until you have owned a Berner you just won't be able to understand.

As you research the breed you will find out that they do have a great deal of health issues.  I found out right away that I would rather have 4 to 7 years with a BMD than 15 years with any other dog.  But, I wanted to do what I could to try and change their short lifespan.  It is a slow process but with the advances in technology and DNA markers I think we are making progress.

Blue Mountain Kennel is only producing about 1 litter a year now. I have always loved the process of putting pedigree's together and creating the best Bernese Mountain Dogs that I can.  Type, temperament, and Health.  I am breeding for a strong (football player) Bernese.  Lot's of coat with a good head and a gentle expression.  I feel that too many of our dogs are too long on leg with not enough coat.  I want you to look at my dogs and see the "Teddy Bear" look.

When I am looking to place my puppies I want to place them with homes that are interested in working with me for the life of the puppy.  You don't buy the puppy, you are buying me!  I will answer your questions any time of the night or day.  I was a veterinary technician for over 15 years and if I don't have the answer I will get the answer.  I offer a contract and guarantee with each puppy.  I will help you through the good and the bad.  These puppies are going to be a part of your family.

One thing I am trying to suggest to every puppy owner... Pet insurance, especially the first year.  Please consider this, bernese will tend to eat things they are not supposed to and just in case, it is nice to have insurance to cover the expenses.  Even though we do everything we can to produce good orthopedics, sometimes the worst happens and they have an issue.  With pet insurance, that covers orthopedics, you can have the piece of mind that everything can be done to give your puppy a healthy life.  

I would love to talk to you about my dogs and help you to understand more about this breed.  Please drop me an email or a text...

Bernerly, Raime


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